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Studio Inspiration

I've finally come to the realisation that I need to find myself a new desk. After spending so long being hunched over and in all sorts of positions, I'm so excited just at the thought of creating the perfect space to work - and to no longer have neck ache! What's even better is that I can now troll Pinterest for lots of work-space inspiration. I've put together a board of inspiring studio spaces which you can see here.

Here's some dreamy inspiration from some great artist studios.

Giselle Potter

Such an intriguing space! I can only imagine how many interesting ideas must be taken from this eclectic mix of artwork and nic-naks. Maxwell Tielman at Design Sponge has written a great article on Giselle's space along with these beautiful photographs.

Edith Rewa

Her studio is so light and bright, and wrapped up in her beautiful artwork which I love! There's nothing better than being able to use your own work as reference. Amber Creswell Bell has written a blog post for The Design Files which includes some great studio shots.

And here's where my space will be! On the left is where I occasionally work from, and on the right is where I'll be setting up camp! It's amazing how much light comes through these windows during the day, and I can't wait to park myself up, right in front of them.

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