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NEW: Collections (At The Allotment)

Since the beginning of the year I've been back and fourth trying to plan for some large personal projects. I've been illustrating all sorts of things lately. It may look like my minds been a little all over the place but there's method in my madness!

I've mentioned before how much I love collecting and researching things and I wanted to implement this somehow into my painting. Early this year I dabbled with my first collection style painting entitled 'British Party'.

I wasn't too sure at the time where it was headed, but a series of similar ideas and paintings then followed. The latest being 'The Allotment'. A collection of vegetables.

I will continue to work on this series of collections which will include a few large-scale pieces. Two of these I have begun to work on are 'The Language of Flowers' and 'The Old Pantry' which you may have seen snippets of already.

The series of 15 collections will be released in Winter 2018 along with limited edition giclee prints with a limited run of 150 available for each painting, as well as a few other goodies!

Thanks so much for your incredible support and response to these paintings so far - it means the world!

Katie x

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