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27th April - 20th May 18

An illustrative postcard + original exhibition about the things we eat. On display at Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis.

The exhibition includes illustrators, designers, creatives, bakers and writers from around the globe - blending senses and sharing some of their favourite home cooked meals, family recipes, and memory.

Each artist has created a limited edition set of illustrative recipe cards based on their favourite dishes! They celebrate recipes of their household, ingredients from their region, guilty pleasures, and comfort foods - it is all about food and the things we enjoy making.

In addition to the postcards, the exhibition will display the framed original food illustrations and be celebrated through artist interviews, features, podcasts, and more.

A 'Cream Tea' is a British tradition that can be found across England, in teahouses, bakeries, restaurants and even at home. It has always been a real treat to get dressed up for tea in London, or for a lovely pit stop at a tea room by the coast. Growing up and even now, a trip to the South-West of England has to include some scones and clotted cream. There are two ways of eating a scone; the Devonshire way or the Cornish way. After splitting the scone in two, in Devon they cover each half with cream and then add strawberry jam. In Cornwall, they spread the jam first, and top with a spoonful of clotted cream. I prefer the Cornish way, and sometimes I add some strawberries on top too!

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