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Live Illustration

Live Painting

Painting live at private events or during in-store product launches and seasonal celebrations. This can involve either me working on one large piece for the event, or interacting with your guests/ customers by creating small paintings for them to take away. 

Product Personalisation

Painting live in store and adding personal details to your products! This could be a monogram, a floral motif or something particularly personal to your customer.

Live Painted Murals

During events, launches or store/bar openings. Hand painting on a LARGE scale and portraying your brand. Depending on the size and detail of the mural this may take a few days.

After discussing your vision for the event, I will mock up some rough designs and a colour scheme for you to approve. Travel and materials will all be included within your quote. 

Please get in touch at with all of your requirements and to arrange a short call about your project!

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